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Diversity, Inclusion or Both?

Diversity and Inclusion are usually mentioned together, but they are actually two separate concepts. Diversity is about having a workforce that brings different experiences, personalities, ethnic backgrounds, and physical abilities to the organization. Whereas Inclusion, which follows diversity, is about providing equal chances to all the diverse employees.

Diversity is frequently emphasized more than inclusion, to the extent that inclusion is ignored. Could this be because diversity is easy, and Inclusion is hard? Diversity is easy to understand. Most companies mandate it through policies and quotas. Diversity initiatives are quantifiable so those implementing them can be held accountable. The same is not true for Inclusion. There are differing views about what it really means. Moreover, it requires a deliberate effort to cultivate a company culture, but it is difficult to measure progress.

And so, Diversity and Inclusion are merged into one, D&I. While it’s great to see progress in this arena, Inclusion is a huge step forward that few are taking, if at all.

What could be some other possible reasons?


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