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Leadership is a Daily Thing

I have trained, developed and built teams in several businesses. The most important thing that I learned about managing people is that leadership is a daily thing. The people you lead need your help every day.

Here are 5 important things leaders should do every single day to help their teams succeed:

1. *Help them connect and network*. If you have hired competent people, they will do the job. The help they need is with seeing the big picture and developing relationships.

2. *Help them with resources*. The world of work is changing rapidly and online resources play an increasingly important role in performance. Make sure your team has what they need to get their job done.

3. *Clear their path*. Toxic employees and bureaucracy slow them down. Your job is to remove these from their path so have room to perform and grow.

4. *Teach them how to fish*, instead of giving them the fish. Your impact is the sum of your people’s individual impacts. Coach them so you can empower them as soon as possible.

5. *Keep them grounded*. Every cog wants to be meaningful. As the leader it is your job to understand the needs of customers, the incentives of the leadership and the ambitions of every team member. Keep everyone aligned and communicate!


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