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Employee Development


We have been providing classroom and e-learning courses for over 15 years. We also develop digital simulations and experiential learning experiences. 

Three reasons why our training services are seen as the Gold Standard:

  1. Facilitators with deep expertise and practical work experience

  2. Content is delivered on-site, virtually, as on-demand e-learning or as a blend where appropriate

  3. Training sessions designed to be engaging

Some of our most popular courses:

Transformational Leadership

  • Leading Change  (GE’s CAP Methodology)

  • GE WorkOut

  • Lead to Inspire (Supervisory Skills)

  • Technology Leadership

Enterprise Innovation 

  • Data Science for Operations

  • IIoT & AI for Manufacturing Operations

  • Lean Six Sigma (using AI)

  • Design Thinking

Learning & Development Certifications

  • Silver Shadow (Train-the-Trainer Certification)

  • AMPLIFIED (E-Learning Design Certification)

The following case studies demonstrate the diversity of our experience

Case Study 1: Virtual Training Course on Technology for Non-tech staff (Conducted for a Power Company)

  • Conducted two highly engaging 3-hour sessions for 60 staff on Zoom (due to Covid)

  • Included digital demonstrations of enterprise technology for hands-on experience 

Case Study 2: Blended Learning Leadership Program (Technology Company)

  • Ran the digital simulation for 300 new managers

  • Facilitated an on-site discussion based on the simulation to help them relate insights with their work

  • Evaluated learning and retention through an online assessment after 30 days 

Case Study 3: Online Learning Design (Energy Company)

  • Implemented end-to-end e-learning technology and policies

  • Trained the L&D staff to develop their own e-learning courses

  • Reduced the cost and improved tracking of compliance training

Case Study 4: Game-based Learning Design (Telecom Company)

  • Worked with the OD staff to develop a game-based e-learning course on company values

  • Reduced the training time by 90%, while tracking training efficacy

  • Delivered within budget and time 

Case Study 5: E-learning Design Certification

  • Trained the staff on E-learning Design and Development

  • Coached and guided them as they developed their first online courses

  • Evaluated and provided specific feedback to improve future courses

  • Certified successful staff as E-learning Designers


"Thank you for a fantastic crash course on e-learning development. Really enlightening!"

M. Pagnier, United Energy

"It's an amazing experience to start from the very basics and go on to develop a solution."

M. Talha, Veon

Whether you are retooling your sales force, ensuring regulatory compliance, migrating to a new tech platform or introducing company-wide HSE programs, get in touch to learn more. 

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