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Thousands Master Digital Tech Who Never Thought They Could!

The phase “Digital Transformation” excites some people and strikes fear into others. Every professional can learn to command this genie!

Technology updates in waves. Usually, someone finds a cheaper, faster or better way of doing work. Someone tries it. If it does indeed work, other people start using it. Eventually, it becomes mainstream and everyone not using it gets left behind. This is how technology has been adopted since the first industrial revolution.

The latest tech wave is "Digital". Over the last 30 years, electronics and communication have become really cheap very quickly. Some businesses started using these to find ways to make and save money. They had great results! Everyone else want

s in now. Digital Technology is making business better, cheaper and faster.

This is an important moment for the professional. Most of us usually don't have to worry about technology. However, Digital Tech is replacing many jobs with machines. And unfortunately, it is happening really fast. The only way to stay employable is to have more value than the machine. That is, by doing work using the machine.

About 30 years ago, word processors and spreadsheets were changing the business landscape. Everyone had to learn them or get left behind. That didn’t mean you had to create your own word processor or spreadsheet. You just had to learn to use the ones made by Microsoft or Lotus. As long as you were good at it, you had a job.

Today, the following digital technologies are

promising the same thing:

  • Extended Reality (AR, VR, MR)

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • The Internet of Things

  • Blockchain

You have likely heard of many of these. Even if you haven’t, worry not. You don’t have to know how to BUILD them. Just how to USE them.

In this series of posts, I hope to simplify these technologies for professionals. Until next time…


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