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Misconceptions about Digital Transformation

Is your company going through #Digital Transformation? Beware of these three misconceptions to avoid failure.

Many companies deciding to embark the journey of digital transformation do so without having a thorough understanding of what a successful digital transformation demands. Here are three misconceptions that leaders should clear up:

“The goal of Digitalization is to have a paperless office”

While Digitalization does indeed replace many paper-based processes, it is an outcome, not the objective. The true meaning of digital is when key strategic decisions are taken based on data-driven insights. Digital transformation might replace old technologies with new ones, but its focus is to enable companies to use data to guide the decision-making process.

“Digitalization happens automatically when you invest in fancy technology or tools.”

Our research and experience demonstrate that investing in the best of technologies is useless in the absence of the right processes, talent, and cultural interventions. The organization is a living being and must learn to appreciate Digital and adapt to it.

“Digital will happen quickly and seamlessly”

One big reason why many companies fail to take advantage of technology tools is the lack of capability of the workforce. So, it is crucial to invest in upskilling and reskilling the workforce.

For a successful Digital Transformation initiative, please develop clarity about its goals and remember the non-tech aspects of any business transformation, i.e. an adaptable workforce and a well-managed organization.


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