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What No One Tells You About the Cloud

You probably store your photos on the Cloud. You might have heard that online applications run on the Cloud. But how much do you know about this "Cloud"? Introducing... the server! Websites, online apps and online stores run on computers connected to the Internet. We call them servers (because they serve up the data you ask for!). These servers are pretty good at serving the visitors (aka website traffic) of the website, but they do have limitations. When a lot of visitors show up suddenly, they can’t serve them all fast enough. So under “high traffic”, the server begins to show “higher response times” or slows down. Enter... more servers! So the owners of the website must add more servers t

The Quickest Way to Save Your Computer from Hacking

Last year, my computer was hacked. The criminals got my hold of my credit card information and charged it to the tune of four thousands dollars. It took many months of working my bank to get that money back. In the meanwhile, I tried to find out how they got into my computer in the first place. It turned out I had shopped on an online store whose security certificate had expired! Now how would I have known that or what should we all look for when visiting a website. That's what I want to talk to you about today. How the Internet Works The Internet is really an interconnected network of computers talking to each other. In order for them to understand each other they use some standard protocol

Beginners Guide to Extended, Virtual and Augmented Reality

Ever played with Virtual Reality (VR) glasses. It can be a lot of fun. VR technology used to be very expensive but it has become affordable over the past decade. In addition to VR you might have come across Augmented Reality (AR) and Merged or Mixed Reality (MR). If you haven’t, don’t worry. I will unpack these terms down for you. VR or Virtual Reality is a temporary experience created through clever use of visual technology. You put on goggles, headphones and other paraphernalia to explore a virtual world. This means you can see virtual "things" in an environment created by a computer. You might even interact with some things in this virtual world all around you. VR is used in games & enter

Thousands Master Digital Tech Who Never Thought They Could!

The phase “Digital Transformation” excites some people and strikes fear into others. Every professional can learn to command this genie! Technology updates in waves. Usually, someone finds a cheaper, faster or better way of doing work. Someone tries it. If it does indeed work, other people start using it. Eventually, it becomes mainstream and everyone not using it gets left behind. This is how technology has been adopted since the first industrial revolution. The latest tech wave is "Digital". Over the last 30 years, electronics and communication have become really cheap very quickly. Some businesses started using these to find ways to make and save money. They had great results! Everyone el

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