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One Simple Secret to Solving Difficult Problems

It was the year 1316. In Delhi, a Hindu conman pretending to be a Muslim holy man had gained such favor with the sultan that he was appointed at a senior rank in the court. By the year 1320 he had conspired to turn the courtiers against the sultan. He proceeded to kill the sultan before declaring himself the new ruler of Delhi. He captured the sultan's wife, mother and sister and distributed them among his Hindu henchmen who had accepted him as king. He then had coins minted in his title of Nasiruddin Khusraw Khan. Although he continued to pretend to be a Muslim, he replaced Muslim state officials with his co-religionist hindus. As the months wore on, the people of Delhi longed for deliveran

Four Ways to Crack a Problem

So how smart are you? Pretty smart? Above average? You may be surprised to learn that more than 70% of people think they are pretty smart or above average. That’s most of us. Which is why, if someone questions our solution to a problem, we may get offended. After all, smart or above average people know what they are doing. On April 19, 1995, McArthur Wheeler robbed two banks in Pittsburgh (PA). He didn’t have a mask and made no attempt to hide his face from the surveillance cameras. Apparently, he thought he was invisible because he had covered his face with lemon juice. He figured that lemon juice is used as invisible ink so splashing it on his face would prevent his face from being record

9 Mental Blocks That Keep You from Solving Problems

When learning about something it helps to see it in it’s most extreme form. The most extreme form of problem solving situations I can think of are inflight emergencies. Pilots who must deal with such problems have to be at their best under highly stressful conditions and time constraints. Also, emergencies show up when you least expect them, and the element of surprise adds anxiety. How well do pilots solve problems in the air. Let me share 2 examples: One poor one and one good one. The first is the unfortunate crash of Air France Flight 447 in the Atlantic Ocean. This aircraft was traveling from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil to Paris, France. Around 4 hours after take-off, the plane was on auto-

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