GEMReactor - The Leading LMS

Our Learning Management System (LMS) can be seamlessly added as a complete, end-to-end training portal on your existing IT infrastructure. Training participants can be assigned courses, and the interactive nature of the trainings ensure they have an enjoyable - and effective - training experience.

Useful analytics allow you to measure how successful the training was, and this allows you to better manage strategy, development, or longer-term growth plans.

Choose from a list of available courses, or design your own course with specific, measurable learning objectives. Assign specific courses to specific teams, specific people, or the entire department.

You can scroll through each training, visit a specific topic, come back later, revise, take online quizzes, and much more.

The interactive nature of the trainings ensure interest and attention are maintained, and that retention rates are higher.

Simulations, games, quizzes, video and other tools are used to deliver the highest quality training, while our e-learning delivery system ensures the lowest cost.

Situation-based learning, coupled with story-line application, ensure your workers learn not only training content, but also how to use what they've learned.

Useful analytical tools at your fingertips allow you to see - at a glance - how successful the training was, what was learned, weaknesses and strengths, and other factors which can help you design future strategies.